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At Everest Outfit, we are climbers, travelers, and adventurers. We are at home in the world’s most extreme environments and in the bright lights of the city. We believe in sharing our experience through our different products, all locally produced and tested in the high mountains. It is our aim to make the best possible clothing for urban life and the back country – all made right here in Nepal.

Established in Kathmandu in 2019, our journey began when founders Tenzeeng Sherpa & Passang Geljen Sherpa, both Internationally certified IFMGA Guides, set out to create a way for people to find the outdoor fashion they always wanted. Everest Outfit started with a few locally produced pieces of clothing, which gave us a local impression and helped us refine our craft.

The name ‘Everest Outfit’ is an homage to the founders’ birthplace as well as the playground where we test our gear – the Everest Region which is the gateway to Mt. Everest.

Today, we make everything from mountain-inspired urban fashion to technical clothing for the world’s highest peaks. We are not just for adventure lovers but also for the people who urge us to produce in Nepal and support the local economy. Our products are tested by professional mountain guides in the Himalayas and around the world.


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What if all the clothing you loved – and needed – could be found through one, wide-open door? Everest outfit exists to make sure our customers always find the fashion they want, something they truly love (even if they didn’t know they wanted it until they saw it!)

We have always tried to create (find?) a true connection (silver line) between the products and the consumer. As Mountain Guides, we have experienced extreme conditions. We want our customers to thrive in all conditions, be it mountains or city, and to look good doing it. We we want to deliver the best.

When we create a product, we carefully consider all the pros & cons, so we can make responsible decisions with regard to production. We aim to be environmentally friendly, and to benefit the consumer and workers directly.


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