Ski Goggles

Rs 13,000

Weight: 0.218g
Color: Grey, Golden


Everest Goggles is designed for snow activities such as Ski & Mountaineering. It is also an Oxygen mask compatible goggle that is designed to be worn with an oxygen mask during high-altitude mountaineering or in situations where supplementary oxygen is required. These goggles have specific features that make them compatible with an oxygen mask, such as:

1. Elastic straps: They have adjustable elastic straps that can fit over the oxygen mask and secure the goggles in place.

2. Lightweight design: Oxygen mask compatible goggles are lightweight to prevent adding additional weight and strain on the wearer’s face.

3. Flexibility: The frame of these goggles is flexible to ensure a comfortable fit and accommodate the shape and size of different oxygen mask styles.

4. Anti-fogging properties: These goggles often have anti-fogging properties or come with anti-fog inserts to prevent fog buildup on the lenses due to changes in temperature and humidity inside the mask.

5. Protection : These goggles typically have a medium tint on the lenses, which helps to reduce glare and maintain clear vision in bright sunlight. While they offer good UV protection against harmful UV rays and are suitable for bright and sunny weather conditions.

6. Optical clarity: The Spare lens of the goggle is made of high-quality materials that provide excellent optical clarity even in low-light conditions.

7. Magnetic lens : The magnetic lens can be easily changed as per the weather condition to balance visual light transmission (VLT) for better visibility.

8. Impact resistance: They are designed to withstand impact and protect the wearer’s eyes from debris or potential hazards.

9. Hard case : The goggle comes with a soft cover to keep the lens safe from scratch and also a hard case to ensure the safety of the Goggle while not in use.


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